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SAP Unveils SAP Digital Consumer Insight, New Data Offering To Understand Customers Right Now

SAP Unveils SAP Digital Consumer Insight, New Data Offering To Understand Customers Right Now

by Insight World EditorMay 20, 2016

SAP announced the SAP Digital Consumer Insight data service, SAP’s first data offering, which delivers insights that can be purchased affordably and easily with a credit card at

Users of the service receive a deeper, more accurate understanding of physical consumer behavior, helping determine the demographics of people coming through a store or point of interest (POI). Insights are based on near-real-time mobile data, providing details on where consumers are coming from, age groups and gender, comparison with other locations and/or competitors, and the devices they are using. By capturing consumer “mobile moments” in and around a specific location, users gain insights that they can apply to advertising, proximity marketing, location planning and sales strategies and campaigns.

“A crowd can change from night to night. We want to be able to customize the overall experience as much as possible — from music to menu to drink specials,” said Emma Matthieson, director of marketing, Brooklyn Bowl. “SAP Digital Consumer Insight lets us see the mix of people coming in for each event. We can also tailor our advertising to bring in similar people who will love the experience.”

SAP Digital Consumer Insight uses the latest analytics, in-memory and cloud technologies to harness mobile network data, so users can develop smarter, more impactful marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. Since data is anonymized and aggregated before it is provided, the privacy of individual subscribers is preserved.

“A wealth of information is available about consumer behavior online but, until now, it was impractical for businesses to get similar information about consumer behavior at physical locations,” said Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer and head of SAP Digital. “SAP Digital Consumer Insight allows businesses of every size to benefit from knowing more about consumers at a given location. The insights will allow them to improve their products and services, run better marketing campaigns, scout locations for expansion and even learn more about competitors.”

Initially, the service is based on U.S. mobile data, though insights can be purchased wherever SAP Store is available. SAP plans to add data from additional geographies by the end of the year.

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