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Nielsen’s RMO Solutions Recognized as “Best-in-Class for HQ Analytics/Insight”

Nielsen’s RMO Solutions Recognized as “Best-in-Class for HQ Analytics/Insight”

by Insight World EditorNovember 18, 2017

The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) has recognized Nielsen’s suite of Revenue Management and Optimization (RMO) tools, three core capabilities within the company’s Everyday Analytics platform, as “best-in-class” solutions for refining trade promotions.

The distinction comes as part of POI’s latest TPx Vendor Panorama, which looks at two dozen companies that offer trade promotion management and optimization technologies. In it, POI writes that Nielsen’s solutions are “deep and insightful from the ‘HQ’ and strategic level for the entire plan”—an identified priority for many fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies.

According to POI’s recent TPx and Retail Execution Survey, more than 86% of consumer goods companies express dissatisfaction with their ability to manage trade promotions. As a trusted industry resource, POI’s Panorama focuses on educating businesses about technologies such as Nielsen’s RMO solutions in hopes of enhancing trading partner relationships, improving the entire value chain and, ultimately, reversing this statistic.

“To be recognized by POI as an end-to-end solution is a great honor, and we’re proud of our inclusion in their latest report,” said Lana Busignani, EVP of Nielsen’s U.S. Analytics. “With our strategic tools and solutions that support everyday decision-making—such as RMO Strategy Planner, Sales Planner and Price Explorer—FMCG companies can seamlessly bring trade optimization plans to life, from the direction at headquarters to on-site, tactical implementation, with confidence and ease.”

Nielsen’s Everyday Analytics solutions are available to all global markets.

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