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Johnson & Johnson Partners with Global Citizen to Improve the Trajectory of Human Health Around the World

Johnson & Johnson is partnering with social action platform Global Citizen to help give every man, woman and child around the globe the opportunity for a healthier future. The partnership aims to create large-scale change for health systems through integrated solutions to help solve the world’s most pressing public health challenges.

“Good health is the cornerstone for a happy, fulfilling life,” said Lauren Moore, Johnson & Johnson Vice President of Corporate Citizenship. “Johnson & Johnson believes it is essential that we take a leading role in helping to build a future in which people everywhere have an equal opportunity to access quality healthcare, right from the very start. Through this partnership with Global Citizen, we hope to elevate awareness of the importance of strong public health programs and to also inspire others to join this global effort.”

The Johnson & Johnson-Global Citizen health campaign will focus on maternal and child health, particularly prenatal health care, child immunization targets and HIV and polio eradication. Through a combination of on-the-ground efforts, multimedia content and consumer activations, the campaign focuses on engaging people to take simple actions to support these causes. Starting today and lasting for two weeks, citizens who want to create change can download the free Global Citizen app and participate in a range of actions for the opportunity to receive tickets to the Global Citizen Festival on September 24.

At this year’s Global Citizen Festival, Johnson & Johnson will share the story of Nyumbani, the first sustainable HIV/AIDS community in Kenya, through videos and onsite experiences. Nyumbani was founded to support some of the poorest populations in sub-Saharan Africa affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Two generations left behind by AIDS, children and grandparents, live together in Nyumbani village and take care of one another. Nyumbani also operates a home for HIV-positive children along with eight outreach centers in Nairobi. The Nyumbani model focuses on caring for the child as a whole, engaging the full community to support one another, while delivering comprehensive medical and home-based HIV/AIDS services in crucial areas of need: diagnostic services and critical medical care, holistic family and community building, education and preventive care, environmental sustainability and self-reliance. Johnson & Johnson supports Nyumbani through programs that bring clean water, education and greater access to anti-viral medicines, and is sharing the videos to demonstrate the impact that can happen when people come together, and inspire more people to take action.

“Eliminating horrific diseases like polio requires everyone, including the private sector, to play their part. Global Citizen is delighted to be partnering with Johnson & Johnson to build a social movement around addressing the critical global health challenges of our time. We hope other businesses and governments step up and follow their example,” said Michael Sheldrick, Global Director for Policy and Advocacy at Global Citizen.

This effort builds on the partnership Johnson & Johnson and Global Citizen launched this past May, through a campaign to support the Global Moms Relay, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, a worldwide initiative to raise their voices on important issues. Together with Global Citizen, Johnson & Johnson will continue to build and implement programming to help prevent disease, and save and improve lives around the world.

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