iMEA Pulse

iMEA Pulse – Get fast, reliable insights with our survey of a representative sample of respondents

The first daily omnibus survey in the United Arab Emirates

The questionnaire of each survey covers a range of topics, including questions from our clients

Each client can include their questions in the iMEA Pulse. With no minimum question count, our clients field a nationally representative survey fast, affordably, and with full research team support including consultation, questionnaire design, programming, fieldwork, and delivery of results.

iMEA Pulse Statistics

160 respondents per day

1,112 respondents per week

4,800 respondents per month

55,000 respondents per year

Additional deliverables:

  1. Gain credibility by branding survey as an “Insight Middle East and Africa Research
  2. Gain regional exposure by publishing press releases and infographics on
  3. Maximize media coverage via press release distribution to a network of 150+ media outlets

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Banked Population

2022 Global Digital Banking Omnibus Survey (GDBOS) – UAE (English, Arabic)

2022 Global Digital Payments Omnibus Survey (GDPOS) – UAE (English, Arabic)

2022 Global Cryptocurrencies Omnibus Survey (GCOS) – UAE (English, Arabic)

NEW 2022 BNPL Survey – UAE (English, Arabic)

eCommerce Users

2022 Global eCommerce Omnibus Survey (GECOS) – UAE (English, Arabic)


2022 Outbound Tourism – International Traveler Omnibus Survey (ITOS) – UAE (English, Arabic)

Destination: UAE 2022 Inbound Tourism – International Traveler Omnibus Survey – CIS

Gen Z

2022 Middle East and Africa Gen Z Survey (MEAGENZ) – UAE (English, Arabic)

Affluent Consumers

2022 Global Affluent Citizens and Residents Omnibus Survey (GACROS) – UAE (English, Arabic)

2022 Global Prospective Residential Property Buyers Omnibus Survey (GRPBOS) – UAE (English, Arabic)