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Guests can now enjoy a relaxed and hassle-free Halal stay at Dunes Hotel Apartments





As part of commitment to make all guests feel at home, Dunes Hotel Apartments has gone that extra mile to make all its properties halal-friendly. Crescent Rating, the world’s leading Halal-friendly travel and tourism group has awarded the rating of 5 to Dunes Hotel Apartments, making it one of the few hotel apartments in the region fully equipped to cater to the needs of our halal conscious guests. Respecting Islamic ethos, properties are family-friendly and alcohol free and kitchen and multi-cuisine restaurant Dunes Delights uses halal certified food products. And that’s not all; front desk staff and concierge at Dunes Hotel Apartments are trained to assist with any special requests guests may have, ensuring their stay is comfortable and absolutely worry free.

Halal-friendly facilities and services include:

  • All rooms with Qiblah direction indicator.
  • Prayer mats & Holy Quran provided upon request.
  • Availability of family friendly entertainment channels.
  • Halal friendly Multi Cuisine restaurant serving Indian/Chinese/Arabic/Continental Dishes.
  • Information on prayer timings.
  • Information on closest mosque to the property.
  • All Dunes properties have mosque within the range of 300-400 metres.
  • Information on other halal certified restaurants near the property.
  • Travel Desk offering Halal-friendly family tour packages within UAE.
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