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Government Innovation Lab 2018 – Dubai Taxi explores 273 ideas

Government Innovation Lab 2018 – Dubai Taxi explores 273 ideas

by Insight World EditorJune 27, 2018

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has held its Government Innovation Lab 2018 that aimed at concluding creative ideas and suggestions to induce a positive change in Dubai Taxi services. The underlying objective of the Lab is to nurture an innovative spirit amongst employees and encourage them to take a more effective approach in applying creative ideas to government business, as it will help make Dubai the most innovative city in the world.

Dr Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, said, “Holding the Government Innovation Lab is part of supporting Dubai Taxi’s future strategy to encourage employees and cultivate their creative and mental abilities in developing ideas for improving DTC’s services and bringing happiness to clients. The Lab has explored 273 ideas contributed by employees and some of them will be endorsed for implementations and others will be subject to further studying and improvements.”

Ideas and initiatives proposed were diverse and excellent, thanks to the effective contribution of the Dubai Police GHQ, the strategic partner of RTA along with a host of experts and students. Such diversity has enriched the discussions and helped to generate innovative ideas.

The Lab covered core issues relating to the strategy of Dubai Taxi, the importance of smart mobility, envisioning the future, excellent operation, and people happiness. The overall event aimed at realising DTC’s vision of “Pioneers in Safe, Reliable and Smart Transport Services.”

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