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Nielsen: Global Consumer Confidence Increases As Optimism Continues To Rise in Many Markets

Nielsen: Global Consumer Confidence Increases As Optimism Continues To Rise in Many Markets

by Insight World EditorAugust 23, 2017

Global consumer confidence showed signs of continued improvement in the second quarter of 2017, with an index score of 104, which was up three points from quarter four 2016.

Confidence scores were highest in Asian markets, with six of the top 10 index scores hailing from Asia Pacific. Confidence was also high in most measured markets in Europe and Latin America, as many posted confidence gains. Despite a four-point decline from quarter four of 2016, North America posted a score of 117, and remained the highest region globally.

Established in 2005, the Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index is fielded quarterly in 63 countries to measure the perceptions of local job prospects, personal finances, immediate spending intentions and related economic issues of real consumers around the world. Consumer confidence levels above and below a baseline of 100 indicate degrees of optimism and pessimism, respectively.

Global Highlights:

  • Global consumer confidence increased three points from the fourth quarter of 2016 to a score of 105.
  • Second-quarter confidence scores increased from the fourth quarter of 2016 in 41 of the 63 markets measured in the online survey.
  • Confidence gains were seen throughout most measured markets in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Meanwhile, confidence decreased in two of five Africa / Middle East markets and in one of two North American markets.
  • Consumer confidence in North America remained higher than any other region globally, with an index of 117.
  • Confidence in Europe continued on an upward trajectory for the ninth consecutive quarter, as 22 of 33 countries posted index increases, resulting in a regional score of 85.
  • Confidence in the Asia-Pacific region strengthened modestly, rising three points to 114.
  • In Latin America, confidence was stable at 85, showing a one-point increase from the fourth quarter of 2016.
  • Africa / Middle East saw the greatest change in confidence levels, with the index rising five points to a score of 88.

Looking ahead, 61% of consumers felt the coming 12 months would be a good time to buy the things they want and need. When it comes to consumer concerns, the economy, health and job security are the top three concerns globally over the coming six months.

Suresh Ramalingam, Consumer Insights Lead at Nielsen, said:

“Consumer confidence around the world is showing a number of bright spots, and there is a growing sense of improving consumer sentiment in many global markets. Discretionary spending intentions are also on the rise in many global markets, particularly in North America.”

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