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Dubai Healthcare City Rolls Out Corporate Wellness Initiative, Marking First Health Screening for Dubai Chamber

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), the world’s largest healthcare free zone, announced the successful completion of its first corporate wellness outreach initiative in line with its commitment to the health and wellness of the UAE community with a focus on workplace wellbeing.

The health initiative, ‘Dubai Healthcare City Corporate Wellness Program’, screened employees of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, carrying out risk assessment and advising health management to prevent or delay the onset of diseases including lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

The initiative raised awareness amongst Dubai Chamber’s employees on the importance of regular health checks and highlighted the role that early detection plays in saving lives. Close to 100 Dubai Chamber employees benefitted through preventative health checks in dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics and nutrition provided by DHCC-based facilities Dubai Bone and Joint Center, Dubai Dental Clinic, BR Medical Suites, and Laser Eye Care & Research Center.

The DHCC Corporate Wellness Program is being rolled out through annual health screenings for corporations; comparing findings on a yearly basis to empower workers to keep a check on their health. The initiative goes hand-in-hand with another channel called ‘Health Festival’ which is themed around world health days and provides public screenings.

Together, the two channels represent the Dubai Healthcare City Wellness Program. As of October 2016, the program has screened more than 600 members of the community.

Employee health and wellbeing have always been a priority with the Chamber as has been its strategy to inspire the business community to follow suit. Healthy employees lead to increased productivity and enhanced performance as well as contented individuals and businesses. On its part, Dubai Chamber is working to raise the awareness on comprehensive medical examination of staff and its benefits to the company’s reputation, to the society and the economic environment of the emirate at large.

Dubai Healthcare City Wellness Program has two health events scheduled on November 10 and 17, 2016.

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