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Dubai Financial Market to launch trading of Oman Crude Oil Futures on 1st of June 2022

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) today announced that it is launching trading of its new Micro Oman Crude Oil Contracts on the 1st of June 2022, providing investors with a unique investment opportunity 

The Micro Oman Crude Oil Contract will represent a significant addition to DFM growing futures market. It enables investors seamless access to gain on the increase or decrease of oil prices as well as to diversify their portfolios and access the leverage to maximize portfolio size and potential returns. The contracts will be cash-settled and will have a smaller contract size of 100 barrels making them accessible to a large number of investors. 

The contracts will be supported by 3 market makers including; xCube, Al Ramz Capital, and BHM Capital and will be offered by several DFM Trading Members including; International Securities, BHM Capital Financial Services, Al Ramz Capital, Mena Corp Financial Services, Al Dar Shares and Bonds, SICO Financial Brokerage, EFG Hermes (UAE) and Arqaam Securities. 

The new contracts are also the first outcome of the collaboration agreement between DFM and DME to develop new investment opportunities and offer retail investors the opportunity to be directly involved in the biggest and most relevant asset class in the region.

The new initiative underscores DFM’s efforts to implement its growth strategy that focuses on diversifying investment opportunities and financial products, in line with the growing demand from its diversified investor base of more than 900 thousand investors.