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Dubai Customs gets AED 1.07 billion Return on Innovation

Dubai Customs gets AED 1.07 billion Return on Innovation

by Insight World EditorJuly 20, 2017

Dubai Customs continues to drive innovation and creativity in developing government and trade services, yielding great returns in the process.

An aggregate of AED 1.07 billion was added by Dubai Customs from 2004 to 2015 as income and cost savings due to the implementation of 17,771 employee ideas and suggestions.

Hussain Fardan, manager of Innovation Center at DC, attributes  the remarkable return on innovation (ROInn) to the systematized management and efficient optimization of employee suggestions developing them into productive ideas and innovations that support Customs business and overall government performance.

“The innovation approach adopted by Dubai Customs builds on the latest global standards and best practices in ideas and suggestions management. All creative ideas received from employees, customers and the public undergo maturation process involving various internal stakeholders to make such ideas and innovations ready for practical implementation and thus optimize results when developing Customs and trade industry,” said Fardan.

Dubai Customs acquired 59 renowned awards in innovation, including 42 global and 17 local trophies. It scooped 11 awards from Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) alone.

Fardan pointed out that Dubai Customs is keen to transfer knowledge and share expertise with different government entities and partners, particularly in regards to our best practices in suggestions management.

In this perspective, DC’s Innovation Center recently received visiting delegations from Emirates Identity Authority, GDRFA – Dubai, and Ajman Land and Property Department. They were briefed about the mechanisms put in place by Dubai Customs to foster a creative and innovation-friendly environment to help staff come up with fresh ideas for improvement and development. Hussain Fardan emphasised during these meetings that Dubai Customs’ Innovation Strategy is aligned with local and federal government development systems, and aims to make customers happier through delivery of value-added customs services and more simplified border processes. Saving operational costs and increasing revenues without compromising the smooth flow of trade and people and society protection also are among the objectives of DC’s innovation efforts, he added.

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