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Digital Era of Big Data Analytics

Digital Era of Big Data Analytics

by Insight World EditorMarch 29, 2017

By just capturing a fraction of its digital potential, the Middle East is revealing the significant opportunities of digitisation initiatives.

IT departments in GCC’s Governments are facing one of their most challenging periods in recent history, with the demand for digital transformation building up development of new competencies revolves around the capacities to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, customer-centric, aligned and efficient

Innovative uses of digitisation by various businesses around the Middle East highlight the promising momentum in this space. ENOC and EPPCO in Dubai, for example, have developed an RFID-enabled prepaid fuelling system that allows cashless and card-less automated fuel payments. Some of the biggest oil companies in the GCC are exploring ways to make its oilfields smarter by digitising operations with big data and analytics, sensors, and control systems.

Across a range of key metrics, it is clear that digitisation is already transforming businesses in the Middle East. The trends are also reflected in the high scores of data flows connecting the Middle East to the other regions of the world.

“New technologies like cloud computing, analytics are going to be big this year. Artificial Intelligence (AI) including cognitive systems, robotics, and IoT are all gaining attention, with evolving use cases and some initial deployments in the region,” says Moutusi Dey Sau, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner.

With digital data growth set to escalate in the near future, the build-up of customer demands and expectations are forcing businesses to embrace digital and data driven solutions- thus achieving the connected and engaging experiences that customers are seeking.

In order to bridge the gap for business owners and data professionals to learn more in this space Trescon, a global business events and consulting firm is hosting the Big Data Analytics & Digital Transformation Workshops across the Middle East.

The Big Data Series workshops will host 50+ senior level decision makers each and are conducted successively in key strategic locations across the Middle East & India namely;  Kuwait(2 – 3 May), Abu Dhabi (15 – 1 6 May),Doha (18 – 19 September), Dubai (25 – 26 September),  and in Mumbai and Riyadh (20 – 21 November). These workshops are interactive platforms set for global technologists to spark discussions and exchange innovative ideas on modern big data and digital transformation strategies.

“GCC nations are at a pivotal stage with regard to Big Data infrastructure build and business analytics investments. Middle Eastern Governments are currently pioneering the use of business intelligence and technology to better serve their citizens. This year will see major decisions made on investments in Big Data concepts throughout public and private sector GCC organisations,” says Mohammed Saleem, Chief Executive Officer Trescon.

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