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DEWA employee happiness reached 92.06% in 2020

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) announced that its employee happiness was 92.06% in 2020. DEWA is committed to the happiness of its staff by providing a motivational work environment with the launch of multiple programmes to make them happy and meet their needs, which in turn will lead to happiness all around. This plays a pivotal role in achieving the wise leadership’s vision to make Dubai the happiest city in the world.

“At DEWA, we are guided by the vision of our wise leadership that the government’s job is to achieve happiness for people. As His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, once said, ‘It is necessary to ensure employees’ happiness in order that they, in turn, can bring happiness to others.’ In line with DEWA’s Happiness Charter in the Work Environment, we are committed to providing a positive and motivating work environment that develops employee capabilities, encouraging them to innovate and help them balance their professional and social lives. These efforts have enhanced employee happiness which reached 92.06% in 2020 compared to 89.90% in 2019,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA.

Dr Yousef Al Akraf, Executive Vice President of Business Support and Human Resources at DEWA, said that DEWA is keen on ensuring the psychological and mental wellbeing of its employees. To achieve this, DEWA launches programmes and initiatives to enhance communication with employees to express their views and suggestions, which are turned into initiatives.

A work environment that keeps pace with the future

During the exceptional circumstances the world witnessed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, DEWA provided a convenient and safe work environment to ensure the safety of its employees, who are the backbone of its success and excellence. DEWA enabled its employees to work remotely, ensuring their safety and their families and society as a whole. DEWA’s state-of-the-art infrastructure facilitated remote work through laptops, tablets, and other systems to help them accomplish their daily tasks efficiently at any time and from anywhere.

Integrating People of Determination

DEWA aligns its strategy with local and federal strategies for the inclusion and empowerment of People of Determination. It has made several achievements, including redesigning its facilities and buildings to comply 100% with the Dubai Universal Design Code to facilitate the access of its People of Determination employees to its buildings and facilities. DEWA has achieved strategic and operational indicators in inclusive employment. It launched 16 channels to recruit people of determination, including a database for them. DEWA currently has 29 people of determination staff, with their happiness reaching 99%.

Smart Office

The Smart Office app comprises around 200 services that help employees complete their tasks efficiently. These include internal approvals to maintain the workflow round the clock. Employees can also sign in and out easily using GPS in all DEWA’s offices. The app provides risk assessment services to identify key and potential risks to DEWA and a list of the tasks that each employee should perform. The app also includes Afkari, which receives innovative ideas from employees.

Other happiness programmes for DEWA staff include:

Wesal: A communication tool between DEWA and its employees for text messages and emails to celebrate personal occasions, such as graduations, marriages, new births etc.

Waffer: This programme provides exclusive discounts for staff from well-recognised shops, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies etc.

Estisharati: This DEWA Employee Assistance Programme provides an active problem-solving approach to reduce stress and live a happier life.

Al Khair Fund: A social solidarity programme for financial support to participating employees for urgent financial needs under the approved entitlement.

Child Care Centres: DEWA has three Child Care Centres for the children of DEWA’s female employees during working hours. This helps DEWA’s female staff balance their professional and personal lives.

Happiness Lounge: The Happiness Lounge in DEWA is designed to stimulate and enhance brain-storming to create positive energy and a happy work environment.

Sports Activities: DEWA strives to raise the level of fitness and health of its staff through internal and external tournaments such as football, basketball, cricket etc.

Tejori Al Sadaa: This programme fosters a positive working environment where exceptional performance and behaviour that reflects DEWA’s values are positively reinforced and encouraged through immediate recognition.