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Why is design thinking different than other methodologies?

Why is design thinking different than other methodologies?

by Insight World EditorOctober 23, 2018

By Claire Vincent, Founder & CEO of MENA Creation

So you’ve heard about Design Thinking – but why are companies and their CEO’s so excited about it?

Here are three reasons why it’s so different and such an important new method of sustainably growing your business.

*Design Thinking is a more efficient PROBLEM-SOLVING methodology. It aims to look at things DIFFERENTLY, and it is suited to solve problems with more complexity.


The entire process starts by placing human beings at the center and builds out from there. People are unique, and this approach takes this into account.


We don’t expect to get the perfect answer the first time around. We test, get feedback and iterate.

One of the most beautiful things about Design Thinking is that it is POSSIBILITY driven. Instead of just listing the barriers or limitations, we ask the question: “What if anything were possible?”.

We then begin to formulate ideas around how people would respond if anything were possible, what that would mean to them and how their journey would be affected.

We focus on generating multiple options rather than putting all our eggs in one particular solution basket. Because we are guessing about our stakeholders’ needs and wants, we also expect to be wrong sometimes. So we want to put multiple irons in the fire and let our stakeholders tell us which work for them. We want to manage a portfolio of new ideas.

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Claire was born and raised in Paris, France.

Passionate about people and the arts, she is a very culturally sensitive leader, equipped with a global mindset which was shaped by the international exposure cultivated from living & travelling in Europe, MENA, America and now the GCC.

Holding a myriad of directorial position across multiple European corporations, she found herself focusing and succeeding on business growth through her passion for the human-centered approach.

Continually driven by curiosity and innovation, Claire became Service Design Thinking Facilitator where she began creating and facilitating tailor-made workshops.

She had since founded MENA Creation to help companies in their digital transformation journey and facilitate Design Thinking workshops.

When she isn’t working on changing organizations through one of her game-changing workshops, you’ll find Claire as coach and judge of startup cup competitions or working pro bono for the NGO and for DTEC Dubai as mentor for entrepreneurs.

Claire is passionate about social impact and an active member of various Design Thinking and Diversity networks.


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