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C&O Marketing : interview with Fadi Alsamsam

C&O Marketing : interview with Fadi Alsamsam

by Insight World EditorJuly 23, 2015

Victoria Zagorsky talks to Fadi Alsamsam, General Manager of C&O Marketing.

Please tell us about yourself and your role in C&O Marketing.

In my position as the General Manager of C&O Marketing, I’m handling market research studies in all Middle East countries, from quoting stage to data file and reporting stage.

What services does C&O Marketing offer to clients in the Middle East?


We conduct on a monthly base market research studies using CAPI, CATI, CAWI and PAPI methodology.

For CAWI, we have 35 Tablets with Internet connection in each Middle East country.
Our main call center in UAE has 14 CATI Stations and provides 100% Audio records.


We conduct focus group interviews, shop-along and in-home visits in all countries across the Middle East.

Quality Check:

Telephonic interviews: we record all interviews (100%) and we use in-house auditor to check 30% of audio records for each interviewer.

Face-to-face research: we use CAPI Methodology for 90% of our projects, which allows us to check the interview duration for each interview, along with with 30% call back and 10% supervisor check.

C&O Marketing has a specific department dedicated to mystery shopping. Tells us more about mystery shopping services C&O Marketing provides in the region.

We have a database of 9,000 shoppers in the Middle East countries and we conduct around 700 visits per month in 10 countries for different clients. We are the main supplier for many luxury brands in the Middle East.

We also conduct video and audio mystery shopping in 9 countries for automobile clients.

What is the biggest change that you see impacting the market research industry in the Middle East and Africa region?

We consider online interviews (CAWI) to be the main change, therefore we have setup 35 tablets with Internet connection in each country in order to cover online projects.

How should agencies respond to changing client expectations? What are some of the success stories?

Many agencies in Europe started using video and audio for mystery shopping visits 5 years ago. Our client expected us to conduct video and audio mystery shopping visits in the Middle East countries, and after 5 years we are an expert in video and audio mystery shopping.

What advice can you give to young professionals starting in Market Research industry today?

The key is follow up for each project. There should be daily follow ups with your team from all departments and daily follow ups with your clients to keep them updated.



For 20 years, C&O MARKETING implements a broad palette of approaches and methodologies to support its partners, improve their visibility on the markets and promote effective decision-making. Visit to find out more

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