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August 28, 2019

Enabling Cloud as a First Step to Business Transformation

Any business transformation exercise begins by enumerating and detailing the Cloud road map, explains Yasser Zeineldin, CEO from eHosting DataFort.

Moving a business to a Cloud platform or a Multi-Cloud platform requires preparation, thought, and a list of objectives, to remain focused and accountable. While the Cloud buzzword has now become a familiar term, many businesses have adopted it as a tool, and not so much as a strategic exercise to help the organization move to a much higher level of digital agility, flexibility, and revenue. Mapping the Cloud journey before executing it, is imperative, since it can be the backbone for a much larger organizational change [...]

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August 23, 2019

Is Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future of ERP Software?

By Ali Hyder, Group CEO of Focus Softnet

Undoubtedly, yes! In the foreseeable future, Artificial Intelligence or AI would have a profound impact on almost every piece of software available in the market, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, in some form or fashion. AI in ERP is going to affect the very essence of the system-controlled business operations.

While Artificial Intelligence technology is still in relative infancy, the new machine learning is making serious waves in the software market and making inroads into business management applications, endowing them with the power of superior governance structure.

According to Gartner, [...]

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August 14, 2019

Startup Masterclass -Interview with Nitesh Marwaha

Insight Middle East and Africa is delighted to speak to Nitesh Marwaha, Founder and Managing Director at Infinity Conferences, and lead instructor at Startup Masterclass.

Nitesh, please tell us about yourself and your role at Infinity Conferences.

I’m an innovator and entrepreneur with 11 years of experience in the education industry. I have trained 2500+ students in business, communication, and marketing. My focus in the last five years has been in producing education programs aiming at emerging technologies such as Data Science, AI, Blockchain, and IoT. I hold an MBA Degree specialized in Digital Marketing from Symbiosis University, India.

I [...]

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July 24, 2019

Embracing Adversity – A skill that can be learned!

By Zubair Ahmed, SVP, Emirated NBD Group Operations & Transformation

When situations get dire, we have all seen personal resilience in people around us. We have called it many different things – the spirit of a fighter, never say die attitude, or simply put, an ability to bounce back. Witnessing such personal resilience, we have been astonished at times, at ways in which people can survive, and often thrive, despite facing life changing setbacks, and wondered about the source of this very special human power.

The world is increasingly acknowledging that EQ (emotional quotient) is just as vital, if not more, than IQ (intelligence quotient) as far as [...]

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June 19, 2019

9 Elements of a Successful Digital Transformation in 2019

written by Victoria Zagorsky

As companies around the world seek competitive advantage in the digital economy, they make significant investments in the technologies that enable the digital transformation. According to IDC, worldwide spending on digital transformation is forecast to increase at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 16.7% to reach nearly USD 2 trillion in 2022.

According to the latest McKinsey Global Survey on digital transformations, more than eight in ten respondents say their organizations have undertaken digital transformation efforts in the past five years.


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June 13, 2019

Interview with Sohaib Hasan

Insight Middle East and Africa is delighted to speak to Sohaib Hasan, internationally renowned career coach and trusted advisor whose insights, recommendations and motivation are empowering talent in the UAE to unlock their true potential. 

Sohaib, please tell us about yourself.

It often gets tricky for me where to begin from. Well, I am very passionate about helping people in their careers and most importantly the job seekers across the globe who face various challenges. Over the years, I have shared countless tips and tricks on LinkedIn regarding job searching, how to reach out to recruiters, ways to do follow ups, effective LinkedIn profiling, [...]

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April 17, 2019

Five Myths about Transportation Management that’s Hurting your Business

By Gautam Kumar, Co-Founder & COO, FarEye

Gone are those days when managing transportation was perceived as an afterthought. And thanks to uncompromising customer expectations this arm of a supply chain and logistics is now as important as planning procurement, managing inventory, and optimizing warehousing.

But seamless management of transportation is easier said than done. To begin with let’s clear the cloud that has been obscuring some important facts about transportation for quite some time now. Common myths like transportation will continue to be a cost center, it does not directly impact customer retention, the sector will remain unorganized, [...]

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April 15, 2019

Why automation and orchestration are key to securing the digital organization

Digital organizations have a vast attack surface making it prohibitive to secure them completely using conventional techniques, explains Paul Potgieter, Managing Director – UAE, Dimension Data

With the benefits of cloud platforms and mobility becoming increasingly obvious in the region, organizations have now started migration to digital platforms. Most regional businesses today are using cloud and mobility solutions in some manner or the other, often with highly varying degrees of adoption and integration. However, no matter the degree of adoption and integration, the security challenges of digital organizations are vastly different from those of [...]

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