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Arab Media Outlook Report: Youth. Content. Digital Media.

Arab Media Outlook Report: Youth. Content. Digital Media.

by Insight World EditorFebruary 22, 2017

The Dubai Press Club (DPC) and the Dubai Media City (DMC) announced the launch of the digital version of the “Arab Media Outlook” report: Youth.. Content.. Digital Media. This step is in line with Dubai’s ongoing efforts to transform into a smart city, regionally and globally. It is also a part of the DPC’s ongoing efforts to expand the report’s reach to a larger audience.

The digital version of the report in Arabic or English can be downloaded from the following links:

DPC in cooperation with DMC had launched the executive summary of the report on the sidelines of last year’s Arab Media Forum. The fifth edition of the outlook highlights important issues that require further research and investing in the future. It also highlights the current media developments in 14 Arab countries along with the future trends that will emerge in the media industry in the next few years.

Alia Al Theeb, Director of the Dubai Press Club said: “The digital version of the report reflects the government’s strategy towards transforming into a smart city, noting that digital production is an effective method to communicate with a larger segment of audiences and media professionals around the Arab world and beyond.

She also stressed that the fifth edition offers a comprehensive idea about the status quo of the media landscape in the Arab world which necessitates further research and analysis to help understand current and future trends posed by new social media platforms. She added that the report serves as a reliable reference to all aspects of the media industry in 14 Arab countries so as to drive the media development and growth and identify better communication channels with the public.

On his part, Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Production City said: “The rapid changes in the media landscape and the rise of new social media platforms required fresh studies related to the future of the media industry that are presented in the report.” He also highlighted that the report reflects the importance of the cooperation between DPC and DMC to support media industry and drive the development of media in the region. He further noted that the Arab media communities will continue to provide the means to achieve innovation and develop media content as well as provide the support required to hone the skills of talented youth who constitute the main driving force of growth.

The report outcomes reveal that the Middle East and North Africa production market is expected to surge to $12.4bn by 2018. It also ascribes the shift to digital media to the youth as the young (under 24) comprise almost 50% of the region’s population, which is double that of many developed countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The report also indicates that the next phase of the media is characterized by the shift of audiences to digital media. It shows that the internet and broadband penetration has increased and the time spent on media through mobile phones is at a record high. It further shows that the shift to digital media is expected to increase in the next two years and, thus, offers solutions to keep abreast with the rapid development of social media, in addition to creating a balance between conventional media and digital media to ensure the success and development of traditional media.

The report also indicates that the paid media is expected to grow faster than advertising. The latter is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.5% between 2016-2018, whereas paid media is expected to grow by 3.7% during the same period.

The Arab Media Outlook report is one of the key initiatives by DPC along with unique initiatives that aim to support the media sector in the region such as the “Arab Media Forum” and the “Arab Journalism Award”. The first edition of the Arab Media Outlook was launched in 2007 under the theme “The Development Of Media Institutions and Competencies”, the second edition, “Media and Technology”, was issued in 2008, the third edition, “Stimulating Local Content” in 2009, while the fourth edition was issued in 2011 under the theme of “Arab Media: Vulnerability And Transformation”. Due to the continuous success of the report in the past years, the DPC has teamed up once again with DMC to produce a comprehensive report with the aim to support the media sector and professionals in the region.

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