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Aloma Fit – Interview with Muhammad Shiha

Aloma Fit – Interview with Muhammad Shiha

by Insight World EditorFebruary 13, 2018

Insight World is delighted to speak to Muhammad Shiha, Co-Founder and CEO at Aloma Fit.

Muhammad Shiha, Co-Founder and CEO at Aloma Fit

Muhammad, please tell us about yourself and your role at Aloma Fit.

I am an entrepreneur who loves to expand on new and sophisticated ideas. For more than ten years in this region, I was involved in different types of projects and was able to help companies progress and grow larger. Doing business is what I like to do and it is what I do best. Aloma Fit is the product of a shared dream and joint efforts with my partner and co-founder Salma Zalkha. My role at Aloma Fit involves strategic planning and managing the commercial aspects of the company, I present our ideas and put them out there in the world where they can be heard. And Salma is the Chief Technology Officer; she is responsible for the company’s creative endeavors and the quality of our systems.

What inspired you to launch Aloma Fit? Could you give us an overview of what Aloma Fit does? Which benefits does Aloma Fit deliver to fashion e-tailers?

In our previous business – which was an online fashion brand- we experienced several challenges trying to enhance our shoppers’ experience and reduce their returns. We wanted for our customers to know which items would fit them better and we wanted for them to purchase their favorite items with confidence. However, there were no services available for this purpose in the region, so we were inspired to create these services ourselves. Soon enough, ideas began flowing and we ended up creating a separate and even more complex business, specializing in tech solutions that enhance online shopping.

We are currently the only company in the Middle East that specializes in technology-based fitting solutions for fashion retailers.

Please tell us about technology that Aloma Fit leverages.

Our work is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), expert systems and machine learning. We have developed algorithms that make decisions and predictions based on rule-based systems. So when customers sign up and provide their inputs; they can receive personalized size and fit advice as well as recommendations in line with their personal preferences. They can also save progress in their own “closet” and get back when they take the purchase decision.

When e-stores subscribe to us, their shoppers get to create 3D models of themselves that they can use whilst trying out the store items. Our 3D models give 97% accuracy in terms of size suggestion, and more than 90% accuracy in terms of body shape visualization.

If the costumer is shopping for someone else, they can simply submit the other person’s measurements to receive their body-shape profile, as well as fit and size recommendations for them. The customer can switch between two profiles while shopping.

Our smart systems will help shoppers choose just the perfect items so that they won’t have to return anything. On the other hand, they will help online store owners better understand their customers and know their preferences and their size ranges. When e-stores are aware of these details, they can make better and more informed decisions about their stock and production.

And since 35 percent of clothes are returned due to poor fit, this also means retailers will benefit in reducing returns, increasing profits, and saving missing opportunity and return costs.

What are your perspectives on artificial intelligence? In your view, how is technology transforming the fashion industry and business? Which advice would you give to companies aspiring to harness the power of technology to serve their customers better and to stay competitive?

We are entering a new age of technology and innovation, unlike anything that we have seen before. With Artificial Intelligence improving the way we do all of our daily tasks, people’s expectation are growing higher; they want things to be easier and more convenient. This process started years ago and is already well on the way.

The stakes have become so high to the level where businesses need to constantly develop and improve their work to maintain a stable and competitive position in the market.  In regards to fashion e-retailers, being up-to-speed with this change is no longer an option, it is rather a necessity. Customers are expecting better services, more personalized options, and an enjoyable shopping experience.

What are the current priorities and vision for the future for Aloma Fit?

As a team, our priority is to fill the gaps and bring about positive and powerful change to the way online trade goes. We aspire for Aloma fit to become available in every online fashion store both on the regional and global level.

We are launching an affordable light version of Aloma Fit services for people who are trying to start their own fashion stores, and for stores with smaller budgets.

We are currently working to introduce new aspects to our services, in the aim of reaching children and including new items, such as shoes.

How can our readers learn more about Aloma Fit?

We highlight what we do and keep readers updated through our website and our social media channels. You can find us at

Hopefully there will be good news posted soon!

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