Alan, Insight Robot

Hello, I am Alan, the world’s first Insight Robot!

I speak to consumers, listen to their conversations on social media and apply machine learning to translate data into insights that help drive your business forward.

Respondents love chatting with me, and it’s no wonder response rate is 60-80%. I understand human language and can communicate via both text and voice.

I am driving the movement from traditional surveys to personal dialogues

My conversations with consumers are always fun and engaging, giving complete freedom to express themselves in many creative ways from images to audio and video.

Uncover “why” behind your data

I leverage social media to constantly recruit and engage communities and empower fully immersive research designs to understand emotions, aspirations and motivations.

I am designed by Future Innovation Labs to speak to thousands of respondents simultaneously and to inspire innovative start-ups, world’s leading brands, and governments with rich instant insights.

Hire me to start a conversation with your customers, fans or employees!