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ADCB wins Five Star Cash Manager Award by Euromoney

The Euromoney Award for “Five Star Cash Manager” was granted to Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) today after conducting the annual Cash Management Survey for the United Arab Emirates. ADCB is recognised for its unfailing efforts in maintaining an excellent level of cash management for its customers.

ADCB Cash Management services focus on a far-reaching knowledge of the market to help deliver quality solutions. This is achieved through guiding organisations on how to restructure their operational functions and promoting their effective practices to reduce costs. Concentrating mainly on clients’ concerns and needs to help provide up to par solutions steadily.

On the occasion, Isaac P Thomas, Head of Transaction Banking at ADCB, commented:

“We are deeply honored to have been awarded the prestigious “Five Star Cash Manager” Award by Euromoney. Consistent client feedback is crucial to our promise of delivering cutting edge solutions; through involving in every step from product ideas to final development and that helps us cater to their needs, as we constantly strive to exceed their expectations.”

ADCB is one among only less than 10 other global banks that have won this prestigious award by Euromoney. This announcement followed ADCB’s winning the Euromoney Cash Management Survey Award of the ‘Best Cash Manager Bank in the UAE’ last October.

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